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In 2003, Oasis of Hope began partnering with an under-served neighborhood north of downtown Memphis. Few communities in our city have faced harder times: crime, economic decline, and infant mortality rates are among the highest in the country while education, employment and annual income are among the lowest.

Yet, God continues to enact his vision for his people in our community (Isaiah 44:3-4).  Through hundreds of volunteers, tireless supporters and hardworking staff, we are able to be the Lord’s hands and feet in our neighborhood. Through building healthy relationships and providing supportive resources we provide an “oasis” in the center of our neighborhood. Together, we’re improving the quality of life and community by challenging, empowering, and supporting families and individuals in our neighborhood.  



To see previously marginalized communities in Memphis restored through relief and relationship that empowers and equips individuals and families, all to the glory of God.



To serve, challenge and resource the community of North Memphis to improve the quality of life, support families and demonstrate the love of Christ.




In 2009, Oasis of Hope saw an opportunity to meet several needs with one outreach. We launched Oasis Appliance that addresses the following needs in our community.

1. Provide Necessary Items
We refurbish essential appliances and home furnishings before selling at significantly reduced prices, so donations provide access to affordable, quality appliances that families can depend on – and we stand by them with a warranty.

2. Create Jobs
We employ neighborhood residents in the store, so your donations help empower neighborhood adults with employment, on-the-job training, and opportunities to build the work skills they need to change their lives.

3. Support Our Outreach Programs
All proceeds are reinvested into Oasis of Hope’s outreach programs to elevate and improve the quality of neighborhood life in North Memphis, where the community has suffered from years of economic decline.

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