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We currently provide quality, affordable housing to 26 families (via leases to single-family houses and duplexes owned by Oasis of Hope). We also provide residents, incentivized workshops, home-buying learning opportunities and integrating programming.

If you are interested in renting one of our properties, call 901-354-2778 to inquire about current vacancies

Since 2009, Oasis of Hope has partnered with other non-profit housing agencies to build more than 95 homes.


By replacing blighted properties, repairing decrepit housing and building new homes, we are able to provide community members with safe, affordable places to call home.



Oasis has played a part in bringing more than 90 new or rehabbed housing units to the community, the largest single project in our mix is the newly created subdivision called Bearwater Park.

Explore the timeline of Oasis of Hope’s Bearwater Park revitalization project below.

2001 - 2007
Cedar Court Apartments

In 2001, the Cedar Court Apartments were the largest apartment complex in the neighborhood (with 18 buildings and 122 units). The apartments were poorly managed and became home to nearly constant crime and violence. In 2007, through the keen eye of our partner Mike Timmons, we found that Cedar Court Apartments were up for bid and, with a tremendous amount of support and prayer, Oasis of Hope purchased the complex.

Phase 3 - Completion

After over five years of hard work, we spent some time learning to manage and operate the 33 homes we created. With only three left in the plan, in 2019 we partnered with the Shelby County CRA (with some additional assistance from FHL Bank of Cincinnati), we were finally able to complete the Bearwater Park in it’s entirety—36 homes owned by Oasis of Hope, managed my Frayser CDC and filled with members of our community!

2008 - 2011
God's Provision

Oasis’s hope was always to rehabilitate the apartment complex. For two years we sent countless volunteers to help strip, demo and clear the apartments. The expenses were great. In 2011 we received a grant from the City of Memphis that allowed us to complete our desire to see the blighted complex restored—but under the stipulations of the grant we had to do a new construction rather than rehab. So, we utilized those funds to demolish the complexes and start fresh.

2012 - 2013
Phase 1 - First 10

Through seemingly endless meetings with engineers, architects, Promise CDC (our development partner), city departments and community gatherings, we were able to complete Phase 1 of the Bearwater Project, including three homes specifically dedicated to senior citizens.

2014 - 2016
Phase 2 - Oasis
' Ownership, Habitat's Help

Though slow moving at first (completing 4 homes on our own), we completed Phase 2 of the Bearwater Project by enlisting some big help—Habitat for Humanity! Through partnership with Memphis Habitat, as part of the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project, we were able to build 19 new home

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