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In the heart of our community for the past 20 years, Oasis of Hope has stood as a beacon of hope, transformation, and progress. We have laughed, learned, and grown together, touching lives and inspiring change. Today, we stand at a crossroads. The reality we face is uncertain — without immediate support, we may have to say goodbye to dedicated staff members and potentially close our doors. 

Your support now is not just a lifeline; it's a testament to the belief that what we've built together is worth saving. Every dollar you contribute helps us retain the passionate individuals who make our work possible and ensures that we can continue to serve our community for years to come. 

Help us remain open to continue running our programs. We can all make a change, Together!

Note: Both ways to contribute reflect the urgency in which these funds will be useful for us, but becoming a monthly donor of atleast $50 or more can really help us continue being a resource in our community.

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