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Bring Joy, Give A Toy

Whether you want to pick out your special toy from one of our wishlists or make a monetary donation so we can pick out a toy for you - there are many ways to contribute. Each option will create magical moments in many homes this Christmas season.



  • All toys should be new and in original working condition.

  • Be sure your orders will arrive to us by December 3rd so our little elves can have it ready for Santa!

  • If you would like to donate a new toy in person, you can do so by dropping it off in your nearest gift bin inside Hope Church or at Bickford Community Center.

  • Please do not pre-wrap your gift. Shoppers will not be able to choose your gift if they do not see it.

  • We appreciate you more than you know, so thank you!

How Can I Give A Gift?


December 9th, 2023


Bickford Community Center

233 Henry Ave., Memphis, TN 38017

The Oasis of Hope Toy Store is an annual event where patrons can shop with pride during the holiday season.  New brand name toys are sold at up to 75% OFF their retail price.  The store is a great opportunity to gift toys for those you love. 

OOH for the Holidays

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